"Encouraging conversations; connecting our community and creating the space to move through grief with understanding and awareness."

"For Life and death are one, even as the rivers and the sea are one."

Our Services

"A compassionate city is a community that recognizes that care for one another at times of crisis and loss is not simply a task solely for health and social services but is everyone's responsibility." Professor Allan Kellehear

Grief & Bereavement Counselling

Leanne O’Shea is a respected and valued community member and dedicated grief and bereavement counsellor with more than 12 years of experience and training.


Online and in-person grief training, workshops, and webinars for grieving people and grief support.

What other clients say

"The strongest principle of growth lies in human choice"

“I have known and worked with Leanne for 10 years. She has always been extremely successful in all business areas, winning awards for her work. Leanne is very passionate about assisting others reach their true potential. Leanne is a beautiful, positive, authentic person who is a wonderful inspiration to all people she is associated with”
Belinda Waters
"Leanne has a 'softly'softly' style. In my business dealing with her I find her to be highly professional and yet always flexible in her approach. She is passionate about training and very committed to family, business and community. I wish her well always."
Denise Gillies
"Thank you Leanne for your support and natural ability to guide me through a difficult period in my life.. The changes in me and my view of the future is testament to your great work.THANK YOU.."
Sarah Dobson

End of Life Consultant

As an End of Life consultant, I provide service and support to the dying and their families. Most of us fear dying, because it is unknown and we don’t know what to expect. I help ease fear and bring love and compassion to end of life, reawakening the importance of self-awareness and respecting your journey with life, loss and dying. I strongly believe in putting the power of choice back in the hands of the individual and the family. I help individuals, families and communities create a sense of ease and peace of mind about end of life wishes through discussion, information, empowerment, and connection. Information and planning are key, talking with family and friends to be prepared and useful when death comes. Ensuring the appropriate paperwork is in place, an Advance Care Plan, a will and a funeral plan. I can facilitate difficult and necessary conversations with loved ones. And when death comes and goes, I am there for the bereaved. I walk along side and gently support end of life, grief, loss and bereavement and the importance of deeper awareness, love and connection. I am trained, experienced, fully insured and embrace community compassion and community connection.